Friday Foto #007

Sunset Carwash, L.A, with random cycler, circa 2010.

Sometimes I find myself traveling around looking for heavy, somewhat famous skate spots. I have no intention of skating them, nor am I bringing a skater to shoot a trick. I just want to see the spot. Walk up to it, size it up and appreciate what went down… 

The people with me when I snapped this pic must have thought I was insane. Here we are in L.A, and I’m spending time shooting a seemingly bland, off center photo of a carwash. I spent more time on this than anything else that day. The puzzled looks. The laughter at my weirdness. I suppose to a non skater, shit, even a skater might think it’s somewhat strange to keep taking photos of an inanimate object, in hopes of getting a “good” shot. It’s shaped cement just take one and move on….

I couldn’t. 

You see, I’m a self admitted skateboard nerd. This indeed was shaped cement, but so is Yankee Stadium. Plenty of people travel far and wide to take photos of Yankee Stadium because it’s where the greats did what made them great…. Well this Carwash on Sunset Blvd, is where few legend’s played and (skate) history was made. 

Finally happy with an angle, almost magically, the random man on the bike rode past. I waited until he was centered on the pedestrian dip in the sidewalk to pull the trigger. I felt I had what I needed. To my amused friends, we were finally able to leave. We have the stage the legend’s took and a random dude on a bike, for scale…

When I look at this photo, I think of how gnarly it was for Gonz and Cardiel to take the plunge on a random evening, and do what’s STILL seldom done at this spot. Other times I have a laugh making up stories of who the man is on the bike and where he’s going…”

- Josh Hale

(Shot on digital camera.)

(ED: Here’s a link to a skate clip at this spot.. TAKE A LOOK.)

Gonz and John Cardiel Carwash clip

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